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This is the official website for the Manchester TMA Overflights Group.

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Many parts of the 'Hangar' pages have links to other sites (or parts of this one) including the Google Groups area where all the action is!

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The Google Group - OTT Reporting Message Base

This group is for the reporting of overflights in the Manchester TMA (Terminal Control Area) of the UK at flight level 060 and above. Membership applications require approval as a protection against 'spammer' activity - so please be patient!

The information exchange provided by this group is only as strong as the input it receives. Please make use of the facility whenever there is anything of interest overflying the Manchester area for OTT & zone transits. ACARS and HF reports welcome. SBS logs too relating to the TMA!

We hope you enjoy the time you spend in the company of like minded enthusiasts and you come back to share your information as often as possible. For those that do; "Thank You".

Go to the group site here to apply for membership - it's free!

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